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Find It Friday - A Mix

Amazon Shirt - $18

(multiple colors)

First Aid Kit for Your Car - $21

(being responsible for this one)

12 Timbers Marquee Board - $89

Amber has this board and absolutely loves it!!! She uses it for everything from welcoming guests, celebrating birthdays or holidays to even using it for PTO functions at the school.

Prayer Cards - $10

We really want to get these! They are prayer cards that you can write notes on and send to friends, family, or...frankly anyone. What a beautiful way to spread love and peace!

Charlie 1 Horse Hat - $50

We have two of these hats....maroon and blue. We love them both!

They are a great hat to wear in the fall.

Barrington Gifts Tote - $160

This tote makes our hearts go pitter-patter!

Wood Cake Stand - $21

We just bought this cake stand and love it for fall! It is no longer available online but found ours in the Thanksgiving decor at our local Hobby Lobby.

Fall Lanterns - $87 (both included)

Target Shirt - $20

We have this shirt in purple, and it is precious. This shirt was the beginning of our puffy sleeve addiction.

Time and Tru Loafers - $20

Y'all...these are from Walmart! What!?!?! We think they are absolutely beautiful and are on my way there today to try to find them!

Happy Find It Friday Friends,

Amber & Brooke :)

Past Find It Friday Deals:

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