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What's in My Bag!

Okay, so I have a question for you! Do you ever wonder what other women are carrying in their purses?

As a mom, I'm usually lugging around so many "things" either for the kids or me! So today, I thought I would share my "go-to's" for my purse (aka luggage), and I would love to learn from you about what you have in yours!

Because I'm at so many appointments and practices, I pretty much carry my life with me. At any moment I may have an hour or two to get work done so my laptop usually is with me at all times. Therefore, without further ado and in no particular's what is in my bag!


Even if you aren't wearing makeup, lipstick goes a long way. Even better, throw on a pair of BIG sunglasses with lipstick, and you can just about fool anyone! I definitely do this in carpool lines and picking up groceries!

Wet Ones

I'm a mom of two boys that play baseball on weekends and pretty much live in my car. No more explanation needed!


I always have loved travel Kleenex. Travel kleenexes remind me of my Granny and definitely come in handy during the colder months.

Altoids/ Toothpicks

Fresh breath always is a good idea.


Sunglasses are a must! Now that I'm a "mature" woman, sunglasses help me not squint and cause wrinkles. I also carry blue light glasses because I usually work in the car when the boys are at practice.

Planner / Spiral / Laptop

I love to plan! It's the "carrying it out" part that I seem to struggle with, but all joking aside, if I have a free minute, I'll pull out the planner, laptop, and spiral and start working on the next task. I love making lists, so the planner allows me to see the month in one glance and then use the spiral and laptop to make my to-do lists.

Tide Stick

This is one of those items you don't need all the time, but boy, are you happy when you do.


I have been majorly into audiobooks right now and even jumped on the bandwagon of watching Netflix on my phone. Still, something is comforting about having a book in your hand. If I'm tired of looking at a screen or just need a few minutes away from electronics, reading an actual hardback book always helps!

Sometimes I'm reading love stories that I always crave, and other times its fun books like Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon, learning tips and tricks!

Monogrammed Bag

A small monogrammed bag is a great item to conceal all the feminine hygiene products that you need; you never want to be without, just in case.


There are always those moments you need to check your teeth, makeup, or the back of your hair. Carrying a small mirror around is always a good idea.


This one is for the boys and me since they think that it's okay to not brush their hair and just put a cap on for school! I'm praying this is a stage!


I'm not too good with cash, but I'm trying to be better! You just don't know when it will come in handy, so having between 10 and 20 bucks in cash has helped me out a time or two.


I keep pencils and pens in my purse always. Whether the boys need them for handwork on our way home from practice or if I'm making a list. I always like having something to write with available.

Spider Clips

It gets hot in Texas, especially in the car and at practices. I like to have spider clips available because they don't crease my hair. I'm lazy and want to wash my hair as least as possible, so spider clips help with that!

Headphones and Charger

If we are at a baseball tournament or at a coffee shop, I like to have a charger to keep my phone juiced, and I love listening to music or a book when I work.

Water Bottle and Kind Bar

In case I'm in town for a long time or at practice, I found that if I have a snack in my purse, I'm less likely to go through the Chick-fil-a line!


Finally, I guess I should also carry my wallet! Isn't that the reason to carry a purse? (laughing) You guys, I can't even remember when I bought mine...probably in the early 200s! ! I have had it for many, many years! I need a new one, for sure!

So how in the world do I keep this all together and organized? So glad you asked...Let me tell you!

I found this fantastic purse organizer that is one of my favorite things in the world!!! It has pockets throughout to keep all your small items organized and a place to store your other goodies such as your planner or spiral.

Finally, do I carry this big purse around everywhere? No, of course not. However, when I'm teaching, at the boys' practice, or going anywhere in town that I know I can have time in between to work...I definitely have my BIG BAG with me. I almost think of it as my traveling office!

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So, that is my bag! I would love to know what you carry around in yours! Let me know in the comments, or you can share with me on Instagram @theoldrivernest.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Blessings, friend,

amber :)

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