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5 of My Favorite Things for Winter

Where did the holidays go? It seemed like it was Thanksgiving, then I blinked, and Christmas was over. But, I'm always so grateful for our week in Breckenridge after Christmas. That week skiing gives our family a chance to slow down, spend time together, watch movies, and eat all kinds of good food! I will always be grateful for the memories our family has made there.

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite things for winter. I took all of these with us on our trip, and each item made the trip so much better. I think you also could use these during the winter to keep you nice and toasty for the colder months.

Time and Tru Leather Gloves

I bought these gloves on a limb in Frisco, CO, because I forgot mine at home. Oh boy, they are the best! Not only did they make my hands smell like leather, but they also kept my hands warm while we were visiting Breck.

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Weighted Blanket

My mom gave me a weighted blanket for Christmas this year. I have wanted one for years, and something about the heaviness (mine is 15 pounds) gives me security. I used it each night in Breck, and the boys loved covering with it too. Mine has a removable cover, perfect for keeping it clean, and it's not hot, just heavy.

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Orolay Jacket

A few years ago, this jacket was on Oprah's favorite list for Christmas. I quickly bought it and have never regretted my purchase. I have worn this coat the past few years in Breckenridge, and it keeps me toasty warm (even in 0-degree weather). It is puffy, but I love the pockets and warmth. Also, I sized down and am in a small.

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Jambu Rain Boots

These boots were a BIG surprise! Honestly, I have never heard of this company before, but the boys bought this pair as a Christmas gift. I absolutely love them, especially the fur inside. I wore these every time we walked around town WITHOUT socks, and I NEVER got cold. The last day was "feels-like" temperatures of -15, and my feet were still not cold!!! Let's say I became a huge fan, quickly!!!

Unfortunately, my black ones are no longer available because they sold out. However, a few sizes are available in navy and hunter green.

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Time and Tru Straight Leg Jeans

Okay, I slowly began moving away from skinny jeans and dipped my toe into the "straight leg" option with these Time and Tru jeans over the holidays. And, well, I wore them each time we went out! I did shorten them (due to my lack of height), but besides the length, I am a big fan of the fit and price!

Joes Jeans are my favorite designer jeans (great for curvy girls), but I don't think you can go wrong with Time and Tru for affordable everyday jeans.

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Hoping my five favorite items for winter help keep you comfortable, stylish, and warm for the next few months.


amber :)

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