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8 Morning Habits for Busy Moms

May we ask you a question? What is your morning routine?

Not all of us live the same life or have the exact needs. Right now, Amber has one kiddo that needs to be at school at 6:30 am, and one at 7:30 am. Not all morning routines are created equal, and please don't get yourself dragged down and discouraged to make your tasks look the same as others.

In our opinion, the first step when creating a morning routine that works for you is to reflect on what your goals are for the morning. Prayer? Health? Planning? Stress-free? All of the above?!

Not one morning for us usually looks the same (the joy of having a Jr. High kiddo in athletics); however, we try to get these few details completed before waking up the kids to make for a productive day.

Do we complete each of these every morning? No, we wish! But honestly, sometimes it's just not possible. However, when we do, we have a positive attitude, and our day is always successful. These habits are at least what we strive to do!

So without further ado, here are eight habits to help us have a productive day!

8 Morning Habits for Busy Moms

Wake Up the Same Time Every Day

Wake up one to two hours before your kiddos. You will find during this time, you will be super productive. Getting up early gives you a chance to slowly wake up and take a few minutes for yourself.

Tip: Don't hit snooze! Hitting snooze will ruin your day! Also, set your alarm for ten minutes when looking at social media. When the timer goes off, stop! Setting a timer helps you do see how fast time goes by when you are scrolling.


Get Moving! When you get moving in the morning, you have a better mindset to tackle the day. While exercising, we suggest not listening to music. Use this time to prep for the day, pray, reflect, and start planning for what you need to get done. Multitasking at its best!


Laundry is the pits for busy moms. We never seem to get it all done! However, if you start a load in the morning, you can keep handle on all the school clothes and uniforms.

Tip: Don't fold the clothes and collect them in the utility room. Once you fold a load, immediately put the folded clothes in the space of the owner. Taking the clothes out of the utility room right away will keep your laundry room organized and look less cluttered. When this room looks clean, you are more willing to keep it clean! (Got this tip from our friend, Morgan.)


Start a load or unload the dishwasher, so the kitchen is ready to begin breakfast. Just like laundry, dishes are a never-ending chore. When you load or unload the dishwasher at the beginning of the day, it will help you with daunting task of keeping the kitchen clean.

Tip: When you are doing laundry, handling the dishes, and/or "getting yourself ready, listen to a podcast. The podcast will help you not feel bored and make the tasks go by faster!

Make a List

If you are not a list person, please give it a try. Lists make you focused and set goals. When you have a plan, you are more likely to accomplish it.

Also, lists don't have to be always about what you need to get done. You may want to add items "NOT TO DO" as well, such as not eating chocolate, gossiping, or spending too much time on social media.

Tip: List-making should be your non-negotiable for every day! Lists keep you organized and make your tasks more manageable. Also, it helps with mental focus and rewards you because you can see what you have accomplished.

Make the Bed

Making the bed helps to set an intention of having a successful day. By making the bed, you are setting the expectation that your day will be orderly and harmonious. It also makes you feel that you have accomplished something right at the start! Can you say, winning!

Get Ready

Get dressed before the kids. When you are ready before the kids, it allows you to focus on them in the morning without being stressed. You will spend your time in a much happier mood, not feel rushed, and this helps your kiddos start their day off successfully as well.

Wake Up the Kids

Now that you have these housekeeping tasks started, in the right mindset, and dressed for the day; it's time to get the kids up! Then begin breakfast, making lunches, and get a little family time in before dropping those cute kiddos off to school.

Like we said before, every person's morning and lives are different; however, these simple tasks help busy moms launch the day on the right foot.

We hope this post helps you to make the most of your day! We would love to chat with you more about morning habits. If you have any questions or inspiration on how you start your day, please share in the comments below. You can also direct message us on our Instagram account @theoldrivernest.

Have a beautiful and blessed Thursday, friend,

Amber & Brooke :)

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