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Celebrating Mother's Day in Quarantine

Updated: May 3, 2020

If buying the perfect, well thought out, O-M-G how do you know me so well present wasn’t hard enough to get for our Mom’s, the quarantine just made it that much more difficult. Can we get an AMEN? Not only do we have to buy this one-of-a-kind gift online, but we also have the task of keeping it as “budget-friendly” as possible. Here are three different ways to make a mother feel special and loved on her special day.


Sometimes the best gift in the world is truly priceless. Let’s be honest. Most hard-working, deserving mothers do not want much? We just simply want an entire day to hear how awesome we are, a day that is calm and carefree, and most importantly, a day that we do everything we enjoy as the rest of the family takes on all the housework. Pictured below is how our husbands and children will help us achieve that dream vacation taken from our home on Mother’s Day.

We used a chalkboard, but you could also download a cute checklist through The link is below if you would like to download one. They have so many precious templates to choose from. It was hard to decide our favorite.

Here are a couple of other free and budget-friendly ideas that you could add to your list:

- Write a poem for Mom

- Entertain kids for an hour so Mom can read or watch a movie

- Get up early with the baby

- Pick up the groceries

- Favorite beverage

- Foot Massage

- Find time to praise her as a mom and let her know how much you appreciate the things that she



A gift that keeps on giving is exactly what our mother deserves. One large gift basket that is full of little, thoughtful presents inside. BUT, this is not just any ordinary gift basket. A simple way to give a gift basket that personal touch is to pick a theme and follow it. With that being said, we decided our theme will be all about the M- the O- and the M. The entire basket will include items that start with a M, an O and another M that are meaningful for our mother.

Here are the treats that we filled our basket with:

M- Memories & Muffins. We filled our gift basket will all of our best memories of our Mom. We included pictures, recipes, and knick-knacks that represent our inside jokes along with banana muffins.

O- Oatmeal Raisin Cookies & OPI nail polish. Who doesn’t love a good oatmeal cookie? They are our mom's favorite. Also with nail salons closed, our mom will be happy to get a little color on her nails.

M- Make-up Brushes, Milk Chocolate & Messages. Who couldn't use new make-up brushes? These are easy to find and make for a great gift. Also chocolate never hurts either! Finally, all moms want to hear how much their kiddos appreciate them. We filled our basket with notes from us about how grateful we are for our mom.

Here are a couple of extra M and O ideas:

M: Monogrammed items, Make-up, Moisturizer, Money, Massage, Masks for the Face, Mugs, Home-cooked Meal, Personalized Mouse Pad

0: Essential Oils, Oil Defuser, Olive Oil, Outdoor Decor, Office Supplies, Oral B Toothbrush


Giving the gift of time and experience can mean more to Mother’s than any physical gift. Because of quarantine, we had to get a little more creative on how we were going to spend time with our Mom. Even though we could not physically be together didn’t mean we could not see each other.

We decided to keep our traditional brunch alive, but this time through the power of Zoom calling it a "Bonding Brunch." Just like every other year, we will still have a mimosa in one hand, a fork in the other, but instead of one room being filled with memories and laughter...there will be three.

Here are some other ways to spend time together:



Chatting over breakfast on the phone

Zoom or Facetime while drinking wine on the back porch in the afternoon

We hope that you and/or your mother have a wonderful Mother’s Day full of love.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.’”

Proverbs 31:28-29


brooke & amber

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