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Easy Tips for a No-Fuss Super Bowl Party

First Down to Touchdowns!!

It's that beautiful time of year that I sit down and watch an entire NFL football game. No offense to the NFL, but I'm more of a high school/college football kind of gal, but there is something about the Super Bowl that makes me excited. All the hype with the commercials, the half time show, the bets, and well, I guess the game too! As much as I love a beautiful celebration, the Super Bowl is not the time to bring out fancy china! With it being a Sunday night, setting up and cleaning up needs to be easy peasy.

So, here's a few tips to make your Super Bowl party entertaining, festive, and, most importantly, simple!

Easy Tips for a No-Fuss Super Bowl Party

Tip 1: No-Fuss Food

Your Super Bowl party doesn't need a five-course meal! Make the food simple, easy to prepare, and delegate. I bought chicken wings, guacamole, and mini corndogs from HEB; made box cake cupcakes; threw together Chex mix and popcorn; and added a vegetable tray for a bit of color.

You don't have to go fancy with the food, and honestly, people want to watch the game, not sit around a table and chat. Make the food easy to eat whether your guests are standing up or sitting down.

Also, delegate! Ask guests to either bring a drink, appetizer, or dessert. Including them with the menu will make your life a lot easier, and it will make your guests feel more a part of the party.

Tip 2: Only Paper Goods

As much as I love a beautiful table setting, I don't want to be washing a ton of dishes late Sunday night. My kids have school the next morning! I bought cute paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic silverware all at Party City.

Oh, and color coordinating is always a plus too!

Their football supplies is limited. I would suggest giving them a call to ask about napkins and table runner. Everyone there is super helpful. :)

Tip 3: Don't Skimp on the Decorations

Even though the party is supposed to be effortless, that doesn't mean the decor needs to lack! I found the cutest football table runner from Hermann Furniture in Brenham, TX, giving the table just the football touch. I also added cutesy football flags to the minicorn dogs, cupcakes, and chicken wings from Party City. These flags are another small detail that makes a significant impact. Finally, I added football decor I found at Hobby Lobby, and Party City getting everyone in the spirit.

Tip 4: Dress the Part

Give the guests a dress code! A dress code makes the get together more festive and fun. Ask them to wear the team's color that they are rooting for, football jerseys from their favorite team, and have football tattoos to wear.

When people get dressed up, it always makes everyone laugh and makes guests more comfortable knowing what to wear.

Tip 5: Games and Bets Keep It Fun

Create Super Bowl Squares. Have everyone put in a few bucks and make bets. A little wage makes the game more exciting and worth watching! Also, football squares give everyone something to discuss, helping if guests don't know each other. Oh, and if you don't want to bet money, you can always have prizes for each quarter. Prizes are always fun too!

Tip 6: Plenty of Drinks

I have to be honest, football and beer just go together. Make sure you have plenty of beer iced down for your guests, along with water, sodas and mocktails for friends that don't drink.

So, are you now ready to host a Super Bowl Party? If so, I hope these tips give you simple, effortless ideas to make your party not only fun for your guests but also YOU.

I wish both teams the best of luck.

So what team do you want to win? I'm not a huge Brady fan, but I think I'm pulling for the old guy this year! Ha! :)

Go, Buccaneers!


Amber .... & Brooke :)

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