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Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

“Lucky”, “Kiss me I’m Irish”, and “Pinch Proof” are just a couple of quotes that pop into our minds when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day fun. After breaking out all of the green you have, let’s get into the Irish spirit with some family fun activities that everyone can enjoy. From green foods and drinks to trapping that sneaky leprechaun, we hope you and your family have just as much fun as we did as we embraced and learned more about the Irish culture. No matter when or how you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, enjoy your family and the spirit of this special holiday-- and fingers crossed, it might just bring you the luck of the Irish!

Scavenger Hunt

This was a family favorite in our home. We took the idea of “Blues Clues” and tweaked it to fit our St. Patrick’s Day theme. Our kids had to find the three clues (instead of paw prints, we used shamrocks), put it in their “nótaireachta” (notebook), and figure out where the leprechaun hid their gold coins.

Green Popcorn and watching The Secret of Kells

What could be more exciting than green popcorn and a movie? The Secret of Kells is an Irish kid friendly movie about Brendan, a young man in medieval Ireland, who befriends a fairy and heads off on a magical quest to fight evil.

Trapping the Sneaky Leprechaun

This is a great way for your family to show their creative/inventive side when building a leprechaun trap. Every year it seems our trap becomes more elaborate. The boys like to focus on the mechanics of the trap, while us girls focus on the decorations. Our kids love creating a new leprechaun trap each year. The best part of this activity is that there is no wrong or right way to catch that leprechaun.

Recite Irish Blessings

Feeling lucky yet? If you and your family are really wanting the Irish luck, there is nothing luckier than reading and reciting an Irish blessing. If you are looking for words of wisdom check out an Irish poem or quotes.

Everything Green

Ezra Pound said it best- “Learn of the green world what can be thy place in scaled invention or true artistry.”

You can't think of St. Patrick's Day and not think about the color green. This is a great opportunity to spend some outdoor time with your kids and have fun searching and learning about the color green. Mother Nature is the best artist when it comes to using the color green so take advantage of the beautiful color and the fresh air.

PS.. Don't forget to wear green when you are on your stroll. :)

We hope these ideas give you and your family a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! If you do any of these activities, please send us a picture on our Instagram page @theoldrivernest. We would love to showcase you.

Irish Blessings Friend,

Amber & Brooke :)

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