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Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Ideas

Who said that New Year’s Eve was just an adult celebration? Most parents can agree that kids give time a good run for its money, but it seems like the grandfather clock always outlasts younger kids, especially during the New Year celebration. Since midnight is past most of the kids’ bedtime, they do not always get to participate in the fun. Not this year!! Here are three different ideas for kids to celebrate the New Year.

Game Night

Who needs to be “bored” when there are “board” games to play? This is the perfect time to dust off the old board games. To give your games a little twist, you should try to change the rules or “tweak” the games to fit the New Year. One of our favorite family games is Pictionary. This time when we play Pictionary, we will use “New Year’s” words or draw things that happened during the past year to guess. However, you choose to play your games, this is a great way to soak up some time as you bring in the New Year.

- Don’t forget that you can always print off pre-made New Year’s Eve games.

Pretend Midnight

My kids think they are so big when they stay up late. Midnight this year might come a little early… more like two hours early. Younger kids can start their countdown around 9 and when the clock strikes midnight (aka 10:00), they can go to sleep happy knowing they participated and stuck it out all night with the adults. This is a win-win for both parents and kids. The kids get to feel like they are part of the big kid group, and the parents will get to celebrate the last two hours in peace with friends/family or even with each other.

- Don’t forget the champagne glasses filled with milk for the kids. They like to be fancy also. 😊

Dress up Slumber Party

Dress to impress for the New Year! How you dress is completely up to you and your family. Since it is going to be a slumber party, your fanciest pajamas might do the trick. If your little girls are anything like my little girl, only the fanciest of the fanciest will do. From doing each other’s make-up to dressing in full sequence, we will be bringing in the New Year in style.

- Don’t forget to have a photo booth!! Everyone will want to remember how they looked when they brought in 2021!!

However, you and your family choose to bring in the New Year, we hope that you enjoy yourselves! Play your favorite games, make new memories, and most importantly be present with each other as 2021 begins. Stay Safe and Happy New Year!

All Our Love,

Amber & Brooke :)

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