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New Year...So Very Grateful

Well, I can't believe we are beginning a New Year, and Brooke and I are still blogging. I would never have thought that we would have lasted this long. Just being honest!! (wink)

Brooke and I begin blogging while we were quarantined from life last spring. We needed an outlet and randomly just started. We originated with home decor and recipes, but our blog and Instagram account quickly morphed into entertaining, fashion, home decor, recipes, and a sprinkle of traveling. We were blessed to work in 2020 with 12 Timbers, Downlite Beddings, Maghnony Street, Hermann Furniture, Texas Living Magazine, Cake Junkie, Bubbleloon Giant Balloons, and Grace and Wood Co, along with being featured on the accounts such as Antique Farmhouse, HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, and Target.

Brooke and I thought blogging, and Instagram would be a fun, creative project, but it has now turned into a community that we love and look forward to communicating with each day. Brooke and I are beyond honored that you have blessed us with being a part of your lives.

I pray that we inspire and support you while teaching tips and tricks on entertaining, decorating for each season, cooking simple, easy recipes, and looking great doing it all in a classic, affordable fashion.

I would love to know what content you would like to see in 2021! Please take a look at our stories today on Instagram and fill out the survey or share in the comments what would are interested in learning. It's our goal to support you and make your lives easier. Please let us know how to help you best!

Thank you again for all the love, comments, sharing, tags, likes, and inspiration you provide us. I am excited about what 2021 has to offer and am delighted to continue to build our relationship.

All My Love,

Amber & Brooke :)

Ps. Brooke Update! Brooke will be back at work this week. She will be on Instagram from time to time but will be very busy working her full-time job. I just wanted to let you know, Brooke has not left the blog, but you may not see her as much as you did the last couple of weeks. She will be back in full swing this summer! :)

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