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The Ultimate Guide To Decorating and Entertaining using LEMONS!!

Lemons are wonderful aren’t they? Not only are they a budget-friendly option, but they are readily available at a local grocery store. We are HUGE believers of having fresh flowers somewhere in the home. Sadly, we soon realized that flowers are very limited right now especially around our area. Are we going to let that stop us from achieving the fresh, spring feel we want to bring to our home? No way!! We just had to get a little more creative. Instead of fresh flowers, we chose fresh lemons!! Check out how these tiny accents add that colorful punch you are looking for!

Entertaining with Lemons

Tip 1: Create a place card using the lemon. We created a leaf that included a guest’s name. If you do not want to create your own, you can use any decorative sheet of paper that matches the theme of the party. We decided to fully wrap that leaf with twine to give a rustic vibe to our lemon place card. You can do it that way, or simply just punch a hole on the top and attach it to the lemon. Either way you decide, it gives your table a hint of color along with a personalized touch.

Tip 2: Add lemons to your table garland. How easy and awesome is that? The best part of using lemons in garland is it not only brings that extra color it also fills up gaps in the garland. Wow!! Such an easy way to add spring to a table.

Tip 3: See a spot, add a lemon. Just kidding!! Maybe don’t go to that extreme, but we did include extra lemons around our drink station in addition to the lemonade dispenser. The best part about using lemons is they are easy to move around, add, or take away.

Decorating with Lemons

Tip 1: Add lemons to an existing wreath. Talk about two birds one stone. Not only does it give the wreath a spring makeover, but we also did not have to buy a new wreath!! Talk about budget-friendly. To achieve this look, we hot glued the lemons to popsicle sticks and added the sticks throughout the wreath. With a little bit of tweaking, we had all of the sticks hidden throughout the leaves to where they were not shown. Best part: We can take those lemons out and the wreath is ready for a green Christmas.

Tip 2: Have a clear vase? If so, turn it into a lemon vase. Just stack lemons inside of that vase, stick a cutting board behind it and BAM!! You get that farmhouse look at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t have a vase? No problem. Use the same trick as the wreath. Instead of popsicle sticks, we glued our lemons to paint mixing sticks and again arranged them so they would not show.

Tip 3: Some say it’s the easy way, but we say it’s the timeless way. Just using a simple bowl and filling it with lemons is a classic way of bringing that hint of color to any room of your house.

So what do you think? Have you ever used lemons to decorate for spring? Do you have any other ideas on how to use lemons with entertaining? If so, let us know and especially share!! We are always looking for new ways to bring something different to our homes!!


amber & brooke

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